Galway 2014 accident

9 February 2014
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9 February 2014, Comments Comments Off on Galway 2014 accident

Big thanks to everyone who has been following and supporting us over the weekend. Car has now been recovered from stage 6. Damage bad but it will fix. We are now back at the hotel. I am bitterly disappointment for all you supporters and for the sponsors who put in a big effort to get us to the start of the Galway Rally. Paul and i are fine and a special thanks to Paul as he done a fantastic job this weekend.

The accident itself was total driver error on my behalf. I mis-judged the size of the car as it is wider than the Corrolla or anything else that i have driven. Just caught the grass on a flat corner and the rest was history. We were going really well until that point and felt very comfortable with the car.