Donnelly Motorsport safely through the first three stages

15 August 2014
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15 August 2014, Comments Comments Off on Donnelly Motorsport safely through the first three stages

Eugene and Paul are clear of the first three stages on today’s Ulster Rally and head back to service in 3rd position.
Stage comments are below:

SS1 Topped Mountain
“Bit too cautious in there, its taking a bit of getting used to really, a lot different from the Mini but we are OK. Dont think we will be as quick as the top guys”.

SS2 Mallabeny
“Far too slippy all right…a mixed bag…we’re still learning the car…learning to trust the car more than anything else but its great to be back rallying again”.

Fardross SS3
“Its been a bit of a mixed day so far, SS1 was ok but we have an issue on the front left, its all over the place so we backed off in there. We will see what the boys can do in service”.

On the way back to the St Angelo Airfield for service in 3rd position, 47 seconds behind the leader.

SS4 Lakeland Tyre Service St Angelo Airfield super special is up next at around 17.33. Come and enjoy the show!